we bring your business to new heights

Why Mount Pulag

There is nothing like a mountain top experience, and we, at Pinnacle Asia Outsourcing would like you and your business to be taken to greater heights – to your pinnacle.

Considered as one of the most beautiful National Parks in the Philippines, Mt. Pulag with the height of 2,922 meters, belongs to the Cordillera Administrative Region. Unlike other mountains, it is different from other mountains because it has no trees but wide open spaces filled with green grass that change color through the different seasons. During the dry season, Mt. Pulag is brown similar to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. During the rainy monsoon season, it will vary from light green to rich dark green rolling plains, almost similar to a well maintained golf course.

Reaching the peak of the mountain is an achievement, a story worth retelling again and again. One has seemingly touched the heavens when at a mountain top. Just like what we would like to achieve with you.

Pinnacle Asia Outsourcing, we bring your business to new heights.